When I recently returned from my birthday breakfast in Berlin, I received a warning message on my phone during my journey on the S7 train towards Potsdam. The phone lit up and displayed a fire warning, even though I was not near the reported incident. Somehow, though, it seemed that the rest of the train passengers hadn’t received this warning or, true to the story of the boy who cried „wolves,“ were no longer interested.

So I became a victim of the „Cell Broadcast“ warning system.1 This system aims to inform the population quickly and comprehensively about potential hazards, from natural disasters to accidents. Without requiring a special app, warnings can be automatically sent to all mobile phones in a specific area, provided they are connected to the mobile network. Neither the authorities nor the mobile service providers store or transmit personal data, making the warnings reliable and discreet. However, there are also apps being developed that can detect earthquakes through their built-in sensors and warn about them.2

Although I was initially skeptical, I now fully recognize the value and importance of this warning system. It provides an effective way to reach the population in emergencies and minimize potential damage.3 Even though a birthday greeting would have been much preferred.

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