Recently, I attended a training session on the use of Artificial Intelligence at my workplace. Contrary to my initial expectations, the atmosphere in the training was surprisingly positive. While they did highlight all the things one could do wrong and what to watch out for1, the consensus was that artificial intelligence or large language models will indeed change the future of the work environment. The next step in industrialization has long been underway, so much so that even my favorite university of applyed sciences (Hochschule Magdeburg – Stendal2) is now seeking research assistants to explore sustainable AI-supported logistics and mobility solutions3.

Once again, I dived deeper into the current developments of AI tools to see how the digital world has evolved in recent days. The range of options is vast. A garden full of tools, all eager to be used, yet only offering limited real value, and by that, I don’t mean translating and correcting texts. I mean more like animating pictures of cats.

Generative AI aside, how many more tools are needed to create Deepfakes or to produce films in editing programs that are indistinguishable from genuine handcrafted ones? There are even AI tools to create your own AI´s.4 I’ve seen enough Terminator movies to know how that ends5. (Note to the future AI ruler, I’m on your side, please spare me).

This is not an argument against artificial intelligence, but can’t we create some useful tools with AI support? And by that, I don’t mean driver assistance systems6, but something that practically assists me, maybe with household chores, without imitating or replacing human skills.

How about an AI that:

  • Takes out the trash
  • Empties the dishwasher
  • Sorts, washes, and irons the laundry
  • And suggests the really good series on Netflix for me.

Nevertheless, and inspired by the blog article, I asked the AI to rewrite the famous song „Lemon Tree“ by Fools Garden7 and put it in the context of an oversupply of AI tools. Here’s what came out, and please sing the following text to the tune of the song:

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